Food Making Co.

Essential for making chips, namkeens & other fried snacks. Production of snacks by frying large quantities of food product consistently and efficiently with maintain precise control over temperature and frying time, crucial for achieving the perfect crispness and flavor.


Used in the kitchens and for in-room services, such as in suites where guests can cook their meals. They are also used for cooking demonstrations during events or in banquet halls.



It provides quick heating and precise temperature control, essential for cooking. Chefs can rely on induction for consistent results, whether simmering sauces or searing meats.

Food Truck

Space is at a premium in food trucks, and induction cooktops, with their compact design, are an excellent solution.

They heat up and cool down quickly, enhancing safety in the confined space of a food truck.

Cloud Kitchen

Commercial induction cooktops are highly valued in cloud kitchens for their efficiency and safety, enabling faster cooking times and reduced heat emission, which is crucial in tightly-packed kitchen spaces.

Special Dietary

Induction cooktops are useful for people with dietary restrictions, as they allow for precise temperature control needed for specialized cooking.

Boat & RV Kitchen

Induction cooktops are efficient options for small spaces like those found in boats and recreational vehicles.

Outdoor Cooking

Portable induction cooktops are popular for outdoor cooking, whether for camping trips, picnics, or outdoor events.


Induction cooktops are used by catering companies to prepare food on-site at events, ensuring quick and efficient cooking.


Induction cooktops are utilized in places like hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions for efficient meal preparation in bulk.